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A Giant Problem: As in the Days of Noah, Pt. 4 – Can Angels Reproduce?

Posted by on August 30, 2014

At this point, it may be helpful to address a common objection to the thought that Angels, being spiritual beings, can reproduce at all, much less reproduce after other kinds.  To this, I would have to say – there is nothing in Scripture saying that they can’t; and, even if they couldn’t, nothing in Scripture indicates that they didn’t have some sort of supernatural help or somehow manipulated genetics in such a way as to produce human-angel chimeras.  Bottom line, the bene Elohim or Sons of God in the Hebrew Scriptures always refers to Angels in other passages – why not Genesis 6.  That they were angels is backed up by the New Testament authors as well – so whether we fully understand or not – they were angels.

But isn’t it true that kind can’t reproduce after kind?  I don’t think that is a given – particularly since through modern genetic manipulation, we are seeing exactly the opposite today.  In the lab, they are creating human-animal hybrids that are able to pass human DNA to their offspring.  Back in the day of Noah, it appears that they were even more technologically advanced than we are today.  Why would it be unreasonable to believe they didn’t have similar technology back then?  Also, it could be that God allowed the offspring as a judgment against them knowing that he would then introduce the angels, who formerly were eternal beings, to the death and destruction that sin causes.  The angels will face eternal judgment for what they did. No chance of redemption.   If Enoch is to believed, their dead offspring are now evil spirits roaming the earth.  There is just so much we do not know from the text in Scripture or even extra-biblical texts.  All we do know is what it says and that is that the sons of God had children by the daughters of men who were nephilim.  So – can angels reproduce?  Apparently so.

Answers in Genesis, an organization I respect tremendously, takes the opposing view and says angels are spirits and can’t have physical bodies. Not quite sure how they can say that given that scripture is replete with examples of it – including Genesis 6, but also at Sodom, in Revelation, in Acts, at the Resurrection, and even in Hebrews where it talks about us entertaining angels unawares.  They also argue that even if they had the ability to appear physically, nothing says that they can reproduce.  No.  Angels eat.  Genesis 19 clearly says the angels that appeared to Lot, ate of that which he prepared for them.  Who is to say they do not have other physical capabilities.  But nothing says they can’t.  As much as I love AiG in most areas, we will just have to disagree on this one.

So, knowing that this view is controversial, I feel it is necessary to plow forward and at least lay the framework since it is so important for what we are seeing today.  Jesus said that the latter days before His return would be As in the Days of Noah and As in the Days of Lot.   Let’s keep digging to see what all of that entailed.




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