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Thus shall it be…Part 2

Posted by on October 2, 2014

The days of Noah were marked by violence and forbidden alliances.  They were marked by perversion and idolatry.  It was a time where evil was exulted at every hand and, in all humanity, only righteous Noah and his family were able to escape from the judgment which fell upon the earth.

During the first several weeks on this blog, we looked in depth at what the situation was like during those days and made a case that Satan was trying to disrupt the plan of God by setting himself up as creator and corrupting the human gene pool.  This idea is not unique and several authors such as Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, Gary Stearman, Chris Putnam, & Russ Dizdar spend a lot of time in their writings expounding on this time and history and on the time which is coming upon us now.  I draw a lot from these men and their ideas, though I try to do my own research so as to not just repeat what they have put forward. Still I give credit to each of these men.  I may not be 100% in theological agreement with them on every matter, but on this topic they are guaranteed to make you think outside the box and are very good at tying the bow on that same box.

What is it about modern days that they have discovered and have passed on to researchers such as myself through their teachings?  In short, they have highlighted what is being done what in plain sight that most people are oblivious to – the age of transhumanism and the quest for an immortal post-human reality.  This is not made up stuff.   When I started this blog, I set up Google alerts to send me stories related to the topic.  They appear daily.  And as I look for the latest news on sites like Drudge report, I am witnessing the increasingly frequent emphasis on articles relating to the topic as well.

What is going on?  Well, in a world of Evolutionary thinking – the fittest are trying to survive.  Modern science and philosophy is trying to come up with ways to cure diseases and ultimately to set up the next stage of human evolution – a robotic era where you exist in software form with a downloaded mind, personality, and set of experiences in a hardware body (i.e., a robot or a virtual avatar).    The robot breaks down, all they do is transfer you to another shell.  The fact that we can’t even seem to get bugless versions of operating systems right doesn’t seem to affect their utopian viewpoint that all of this is possible; and, they forge ahead with their quest in spite of many voices warning of the dangers and the shaky ethics of the whole premise.


Let the Programming Begin

Image from a commercial for Droid DNA by HTC - Used under fair-use guidelines for educational purposes.

Image from a commercial for Droid DNA by HTC – Used under fair-use guidelines for educational purposes.

Transhumanism is here to stay as industry leaders and world visionaries not only continue to collaborate on what this future world will look like but subtly condition societies mind for its eventual introduction.  Take for instance a commercial for the Droid DNA phone by HTC.  In the video, a man walks into futuristic laboratory where he sits in a chair to receive his dna augmentation.  As he sits there, his right arm is injected with the substance that literally goes in and reprograms his DNA giving him super speed and super intelligence.  The commercial ends… “Predicted intelligence with Google Now Complete.  Introducing Droid DNA by HTC.  It’s not an upgrade to your phone, its an upgrade to yourself”

The follow-on commercial is more of the same.  Making a better man through technological manipulation. Upgrading oneself.  Being who you were created to be but better – with super strength, super speed, super intelligence.  Hmmmm, where have we heard that before?

Another commercial for IBM E-Business shows what shopping in the future may be like as an enhanced chipped human being.  No longer deal with the hassle of waiting in lines.  Just grab your stuff, walk through the turnstile where you are scanned and go.  Revelation 13 anyone?

The brave new world of Transhumanism may seem to be nothing but theory and speculation, but it is being worked heavily and according to schedule.


Watch this video to see where we are heading.



The people who are behind this agenda have tremendous power, influence, and intelligence and they are shaping our world, through the use of technology, into the future that they foresee – or are being guided towards – where man is merged with machine and controls his own universe – or so goes the mantra.  In reality, it is a world of group-think and slavery to the system that is so fantastical that even George Orwell couldn’t have imagined it.

More on the transhumanist agenda in posts to come.

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