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Watch Israel

Posted by on August 10, 2015

I don’t know about you, but as for me and many of my friends there is a sense that something really big is about to happen.  A turning point in human history is about to take place and for the awake and alert there is a feeling that we ought to be prepared but also a frustration in not knowing how to prepare for what is going to occur.  And so, we keep on keeping on – working as we’ve always worked, but with a greater sense of urgency that the work may soon be over so we must keep to the plow while it is still light.

Night is falling.  Make no mistake.  Matt Ward highlighted this in his article on the Rapture Ready website; where he pretty much declared that the nation had so thumbed its nose at God that he no longer had hope that God would save her.  Personally, I can not imagine why He would.  Still, the book on our nation is not yet closed – even though His hand rests on the cover.  Why do I know this?  Simply because we are still here.  I’m still writing freely.  I may be being recorded, who knows, but the truth is still being disseminated – the gospel is still being preached openly – and people are still being saved.  But, for how much longer?  What will be the tipping point?


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