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What in the World is Going On?

Posted by on July 12, 2014


As I write this first post of the Propheteuon Blog, I am amazed at the many happenings in this world that are of biblical importance.  The earth’s systems are shaking like the many earthquakes which are increasing in number and intensity around the world – signaling that the birth pangs are upon us.  

ISIS has the middle east in an uproar and there seems to be a huge vacuum of leadership in that nobody seems to know how to deal with it.  

In America, illegal immigrants are being welcomed by the Democrat party as potential voters of the future – and an already strapped economy is just beginning to feel the impact.  With no jobs, no homes, no insurance, these poor individuals who have come north in hope of a better life may indeed be the spark that turns America into a 3rd world country.  We simply can’t afford it, but this fact is lost amongst our elected representatives of both major parties.  

And, then, there is Israel.  Tiny Israel.  The nation that God promised to bless.  The nation who brings blessings upon those who bless her and curses upon those who curse her.  She has all but been abandoned by her supposed allies and now it is just her and God.  Of course, that’s the best position she can be in but oh, the consequences for those who have abandoned her. 

There are dark clouds on the horizon.  Discussing the coming storm and related topics is what this blog is all about.  I hope you will join in with the discussion. 

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